A downloadable game for Windows

Now updated with better animations, an extra ending, sound effects, and more! Thank you for your patience.

(v 2.0.1 is a post jam update. v 1.0.1 is the jam version.)

Welcome to the Zombie Train Beyond Earth Experience. In which you are on a zombie train beyond earth. Please keep limbs, intestines, and personal items inside the train at all times. Thank you and enjoy the ride!


WASD to move

Left click to swing crowbar

E to Interact with objects

1,2,3 buttons for dialogue choices

esc to toggle full screen

Q to toggle internalization meter

v 2.0.1


Zombie Train Beyond Earth v 2.0.1.exe (Post Jam) (9 MB)
Zombie Train Beyond Earth v 1.0.1.exe (broken build) (8 MB)


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hello and thx for this really nice game. i had a lot of fun. great job guys ;)

This was a fun vignette! Loved the moonwalking joke and the ending, always good to see humour in games :D

Neat! I liked the ending.